Best Jobs in the World

What is the best job in the world

The quest to bag a high-paying job is the ultimate goal of most people. It is their dream to work for a well-established organization and earn a six-figure salary.

Several factors contribute to career satisfaction, including pay, job scope and workplace environment. In addition, some professions also offer a high level of personal enjoyment.

1. Doctor

A doctor is a medical professional who earns their medical degree and works on patients of all ages. Their responsibilities include managing their patient’s health and providing them with the requisite medications and treatment.

Generally speaking, doctors are one of the highest paid professions on the planet and have a pretty impressive life satisfaction rating as well. The best thing about being a doctor is that you can make a meaningful impact in the world’s most underfunded and underserved communities while also enjoying the stability of a solid pension.

2. Engineer

Engineering is a career that lets you use creative thinking and engineering skills at the same time, work as a team, travel, make a difference and earn a good salary.

Engineers implement scientific discoveries and inventions in the real world, tackling problems like transportation, energy production, manufacturing and health care.

The BLS projects that there will be 140,000 new engineering jobs between now and 2026. These positions offer job security, a competitive pay scale and long-term career growth.

3. Nurse

A career as a nurse is no doubt rewarding, but it’s not for everyone. A good nursing job isn’t just about your paycheck, it also requires a healthy work-life balance and a supportive employer. The best nurse is the one who demonstrates all these qualities, and the lucky few are the ones that make it to the big time. Whether you are just getting started or in the industry for the long haul, there’s no shortage of nursing opportunities to keep your skillset fresh and your sanity intact.

4. Lawyer

If you have a passion for law and want to do something meaningful, becoming a lawyer could be the ideal career choice. Legal jobs offer a wide variety of opportunities, ranging from law clerks to court messengers and even legal recruiters.

Before deciding to pursue a career as a lawyer, it is important to understand how stressful the job can be and whether you are suited to it. If you enjoy juggling multiple priorities and working with high levels of pressure, then this is likely a career you will find rewarding.

6. Oil & Gas Field Engineer

With the world using over 88 million barrels of oil every day, the need for an industry that extracts and refines these natural resources has never been greater. Whether you are an oil rig worker, a field engineer or something in between, these jobs offer great pay and upward mobility.

Petroleum engineers design equipment and methods for oil and gas extraction. They also ensure that their work is safe and in compliance with regulations.

7. Construction Manager

Construction managers plan, coordinate and manage the construction process of projects from design to completion. They work with architects and engineers to establish project schedules, resources and costs.

Construction managers may work for a construction or engineering firm or form their own independent businesses. They develop relationships with owners and can provide services that include building railroad infrastructure, commercial warehouses or airports.

8. Hospital Administrator

Hospital administrators oversee all the important administrative aspects of a medical facility. This includes policy compliance, HR, finances, work processes and departmental strategy.

The healthcare industry is constantly changing and hospital administrators need to stay up-to-date on all the latest best practices and evidence-based strategies. They also need to have strong communication skills so that they can share their ideas with colleagues and stakeholders.

9. Pediatrician

One of the best jobs in the world for people who love children is a pediatrician. This is because pediatricians are concerned with the physical, mental and emotional well-being of infants, children, and young adults.

To become a pediatrician, you need to complete a four-year degree in a scientific field, followed by medical school and specialty training. You then need to complete three years of residency in pediatrics, which focuses on whole infant, child, and adolescent care.

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