How To Improve Your Alexa Traffic Rank – Testing on This Site

I have tried this on a few sites and without fail all of the sites Alexa ranking went up significantly. I am going to try here.
I have just moved the site over to this sever as well as revamped an energized it in last month … so will be a good opportunity.

One of the techniques used to manipulate Alexa traffic ranking is placing the Alexa Traffic Rank button on your site. I have no REAL evidence that it works. I know that sites I placed the tool on went up- but that could be any number of factors.

Get Better Alexa Rankings

Looks like this:

At the time of this posting, November 4, 2007 the Alexa ranking is 1,508,140 . And yes, this is a crappy number, especially for a site that is owned by a site owner specializes in rankings. I neglected this domain for a long time and then moved it and basically starting from scratch. Will be a good opportunity to implement techniques and see how they are working in real time.

Why should you care about Alexa? I am not sure if you should, but I know some advertisers do- so at worst you should be aware of its existence and its impact. Alexa is supposed to measure traffic to your site. Not what kind or targeted just plain traffic. Some advertisers think that more traffic is always better. As value is a perception and not a real thing then a good ranking in Alexa can mean more money for you.

I have found than you can manipulate and get a higher Alexa ranking if the Alexa’s developer widget, Alexa Traffic Ranking tool is installed. You can get your own here: Takes about 2 minutes or less to do.

Watch My Alexa Traffic Rankings Go Up… or not

Be sure and check back and see if my Alexa ranking has gone up.

Alexa Traffic Rank History

March 25 , 2013 1,306,009

April 15 2009 126,810

Feb. 26, 2009 146,456
Dec. 2, 2008 172,432
October 10, 2008 208,892

June 24, 2008 211,646

May 27, 2008 287,423

April 21, 2008 463,299

April 3, 2008 631,993

March 25, 2008 701, 672

February 29, 2008 396,461

December 27, 2007 376,599

November 22, 2007 546,670

November 18, 2007 762,255

November 12, 2007 1,081,050

What’s Your ranking? Would love sites to post when they first install the Alexa Traffic Ranking Widget . Just post your site name, URL , date and current traffic rank below. Let us know what results you have.
I think I may post a page just for this purpose…

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