The DoFollow Directory- Why Follow and Add Your Site?

I have been experimenting with easy (- ish) way for sites to build valuable content. On of the tools is using a link directory script to create different types of directories. I have added The DoFollow Directory. The directory is for blogs that follow- blogs that allow links/URLs in comment section of blog to be followed by search engines. By default WordPress and other blog software add nofollow tags to any links contained in a comment. Most bloggers are unaware of this. The function was set up with good intentions- to discourage spam.

However, there are so many sophisticated spam plugins now that it really isn’t necessary.
Blogs that have disabled the nofollow function are called dofollow blogs. If your site allows comments posted by bloggers to have a link back to their site, etc in their post. When you have a dofollow site add your blog to The DoFollow Directory- of course links are followed!

Why be A DoFollow Blog?

You can “reward” bloggers who comment on yor site- adding value to your blog- by allow their link to stand and pass on page rank to their site. Being a dofollow blog will help your traffic. It also is good blogging etiquette.

How Do I become a Dofollow Blog?

Do off the nofollow function in your blog software, It will take you 2 minutes. Download a dofollow plugin, I like this one
Andy Beard has put together a fantastic list of plugins for dofollow sites. He also began a Bumpzee community for dofollow sites and be sure to add you site there.

Let Others Know You Follow

Add your site to The DoFollow Blog Directory
Join the Bumpzee DoFollow community
Add a dofollow logo to your site.
Post about your decision to follow.
Create a page explaining dofollow movement.
Encourage comments.

You spam catchers (m Aksismet, etc )will catch most spammy comments. Dofollow bloggers do not keyword stuff their post. Most likley they will leave an on topic relevant post with a link to their own site in the name/url section.

Links to watch out for will have multiple urls stiffed into their post and the url they have in the name/url field will link to a site something like ringtones/Viagra/xxx site. Just mark them off to spam. The may bit be so obvious so take a quick look at the URL they have submitted.

I am pretty free with allowing comments. I tend to not allow ” nice post!” types comments however as they do not add value to my site and no thought has gone into them. If the post is relevant or adds value to my post and blog I go ahead and allow.

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