What is the Lowest Paying Job in Your Area?

What is the lowest paying job

If you are looking for a new career, it is important to know what the lowest paying jobs are in your area. These positions offer little pay and often require long hours, but they can give you an opportunity to get your foot in the door of a company or industry that you are interested in.

Bartender Helper

Bartender helpers, sometimes referred to as barbacks, keep the bar stocked with alcohol, beer, spirits, garnishes, and ice cubes. They also ensure that glasses, stirrers, shakers, strainers and other bartending tools are clean and in the proper position for the bartender to use.

They mix and serve alcoholic drinks to customers, either directly or through waitstaff. They also collect payment for drinks.

These workers typically work full or part-time schedules in restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels. Their shifts are often long, and they may work evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Bartenders must be familiar with state laws and be able to verify that patrons are legally allowed to consume alcohol. They also must communicate with patrons and manage their unruly behavior. They must also be able to listen carefully to their customer’s requests for drinks, offer menu recommendations, and create a friendly, welcoming environment.

Gambling and Sports Book Writer and Runner

A Gambling and Sports Book Writer and Runner is an entry-level job in this field. They typically make a salary of about $19,910 per year, or $10 an hour, and this can increase as they gain experience.

They post information enabling patrons to place wagers on sporting events and races, and assist in the operation of games such as keno and bingo. They may also operate random number-generating equipment and announce numbers for patrons.

They must be licensed by a state regulatory agency, such as a casino control board or gambling commission. Licensing requirements vary by state, but all workers must pass a background check and drug test.

Casino Attendant

A Casino Attendant is an entry-level job in the gaming industry. In this role, you are responsible for keeping slot machines operating properly and responding to patrons’ complaints.

In addition, you verify jackpots, make coin hopper fills and record information about malfunctioning machines. You also monitor payments of hand-delivered jackpots and handle minor guest disputes.

You are paid on an hourly basis, and may work overtime as needed. In some casinos, you can expect 20-25 hours of overtime per week.

As a Slot Attendant, you are responsible for providing exceptional customer service to all guests in your area. This can include promoting special programs such as hourly cash giveaways, monthly awards of new cars or massages in the casino spa.

Textile Presser

A Textile Presser removes wrinkles from articles, including clothing, flatwork, and textile materials. They also shape, form, or patch items. They work with steam, hydraulic, or other pressing machines that remove wrinkles from fabrics and garments and press and shape articles to improve their appearance or durability.

Position materials such as cloth garments, felt, or straw on tables, dies, or feeding mechanisms of pressing machines, or on ironing boards and work tables. Lower irons, rams, or pressing heads into position over material to be pressed. Shrink, stretch, or block articles by hand to conform to original measurements, using forms, blocks, and steam.

Finish pleated garments, determining sizes of pleats from evidence of old pleats or from work orders. Hang, fold, package, and tag finished articles for delivery to customers.

Production managers oversee the function of production machinery within their organization, monitoring equipment efficiency and output quality and assisting operator crews in setting organizational output goals. This job requires a solid background in manufacturing and knowledge of the industry’s standards, technology, and operations.

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