What Should I Study to Become a Web Developer?

What should I study to become a web developer

Web developers build websites, mobile applications and other online experiences. They also work with writers, graphic designers and animators to integrate audio and visual content into their work.

If you’re a tech fanatic with a flair for design and a knack for problem-solving, becoming a web developer may be the right career path for you. However, getting started isn’t always easy and requires a bit of planning.

Bachelor’s Degree

Web developers need to know how to create websites and apps that are scalable, reliable and user-friendly. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology with a concentration in web development is a good way to build the skills you need to enter this career.

Students in a web development bachelor’s degree program learn to integrate coding and design to create websites that are accessible, intuitive and engaging for users. They also learn how to manage projects, work with clients and communicate effectively with technical teams.

A bachelor’s in web development may take up to four years to complete, depending on the school. Learners who already hold an associate degree can apply their credits toward a bachelor’s degree to save time and money.

Associate’s Degree

Associate degrees in web development provide in-demand skills that help graduates secure employment. They also act as a strong foundation for a bachelor’s degree.

An associate in web development program offers foundational training in programming languages, web frameworks and other tools used to build websites. Students typically complete 60 credits to earn an associate degree.

Many of these programs are designed to be completed online. However, some schools offer traditional on-campus options for those who want the experience of attending classes in a classroom.

Web development associate degrees teach students the basics of front-end and back-end web design, as well as how to build and manage databases and servers. This enables learners to create websites that meet specific business goals and objectives while providing a high-quality user experience.


Aspiring web developers can pursue a number of certifications to help validate their skills and gain entry-level positions. These include certificates, associate degrees and bootcamps.

Certificates typically last from a few months to under two years, depending on the school and program. They can be earned at community colleges and technical schools or online.

Many aspiring web developers choose to complete an associate degree in computer science, information systems or a related field. This will provide a strong foundation for future careers.

An associate degree takes about 2 years to complete and requires 60 credits for graduation. It also provides students with extensive knowledge of computer programming, coding, design and math.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is another option for pursuing a career as a web developer. It typically requires four years of coursework and allows students to develop their coding, research, organization and communication skills.


Web development is a career that requires a combination of skills and knowledge. Aspiring professionals can gain that knowledge through self-directed study, a bootcamp, a certificate program, or a degree in web development.

Web developers use a variety of tools and technologies to build websites. They also need a strong understanding of HTML and other programming languages.

Developing websites is a creative and fast-paced job, and new technological advances happen frequently. As a result, continuing education is crucial for web developers to keep up with current trends.

A good starting point for aspiring web developers is an associate’s degree in computer science or information systems. These programs often include hands-on projects that help students develop their web development skills.

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