Can I Be a Web Developer Without a Degree?

Can I be a web developer without a degree

When you’re looking to start a new career, it can be tough to know what exactly you need to succeed. It’s especially true when you don’t have the money or time to go to college.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a computer science wizard to start your career in web development. You can take free online courses, learn through boot camps, or teach yourself using a mix of resources.


Web developers are in demand, and they can make great salaries. But a 4-year college degree isn’t necessary to start a career as a developer.

In fact, many web developers are self-taught. This doesn’t mean that they are unqualified or not capable of doing the job. In fact, Stack Overflow’s 2022 Developer Survey found that over 70% of professional developers learned to code online.

There are also coding bootcamps that can help you learn to become a web developer quickly and efficiently without having to spend years in school or racking up student debt. Treehouse Techdegrees are a good example of this type of program, as they provide a high-quality learning experience and technical mentorship that can really speed up your path to success.

In addition to taking courses, self-taught developers also need to build a portfolio of work they’ve done for clients or their own projects. This will help you demonstrate your skills and show employers that you can produce quality work on your own.

Taking a course

If you’re an aspiring web developer, the best way to learn is by taking a course. There are many free and paid online courses that teach HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other essential skills.

You can also enroll in a college program for 2-4 years to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree in web development, computer science, or computer programming. There are also coding boot camps that can help you get started on your career.

Regardless of the path you take, it’s important to practice and gain real-world work experience. This will build your computer programming skills and increase your employability as a web developer.

In addition, it’s important to have a strong portfolio of your work. This is a great way to impress hiring managers and show off your web development skills. You can include your volunteer work, freelance projects, and even small paid jobs. This can help you land a full-time job in this industry.

Working for a company

If you don’t want to go to college, but still want a career as a web developer, you can work for a company. This option is typically the most lucrative as it allows you to earn higher pay and benefits than a self-taught position.

It also gives you the opportunity to network with other professionals in your field. This can lead to job offers that you may not have noticed otherwise.

You can also learn web development skills through online courses or boot camps. These can be very affordable and are a great way to get started.

Front-end developers focus on coding and creating graphical interfaces for websites, using languages like HTML and CSS. They’re responsible for making sure that everything on a website looks good and functions properly. Alternatively, you can work as a back-end developer, which involves designing and developing software that’s used to make websites run smoothly.

Getting a job

In today’s IT-driven economy, there are a number of ways to get a job as a web developer without a degree. You can teach yourself to code online, join programming boot camps or check out GitHub projects until you feel ready to take the plunge and pursue a web development career.

One way to make your job search easier is to use a tool such as Boolean search to filter out degree-requiring jobs from your results. A tool like this will also help you find the most relevant jobs for your skills and interests.

You can also build your network of web developers and tech recruiters by joining programming Meetup groups, attending coding bootcamps or reaching out to tech recruiters who work with companies that need web developers.

Once you have a few jobs in your portfolio, it’s time to start searching for a traditional job as a web developer. A traditional job gives you the highest pay and employer-provided benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation, stock options, and more.

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