Choosing a Career That’s Recession-Proof and Has Above-Average Benefits

What do most millionaires work as

If you want to become a millionaire, it’s important to choose the right career path. Choosing an occupation that’s recession-proof, with a stable salary and above-average benefits, can help you reach millionaire status faster than others.

The finance and investment industry has made more millionaires than any other. And it’s responsible for 15% of all the world’s billionaires.

Engineering Manager

Engineering managers use their knowledge of science and math to invent new technologies, products, and structures. They also manage and guide teams of engineers through complex projects to completion on time and on budget.

The job of an engineering manager is one that requires excellent foresight, great communication skills, and strong technical abilities. Candidates must have at least a bachelor’s degree in an engineering specialty and considerable work experience.

Successful engineering managers have empathy for their team members as people, and they create a safe space to learn and improve over time. They understand their team members’ career goals and how they plug into the company’s mission.

IT Manager

IT managers oversee all computer systems, hardware and software used in an organisation. They ensure that these systems run smoothly and secure and provide support when necessary.

They are also responsible for ensuring that staff understand the security requirements of their company’s technology. They train employees on how to use the company’s computers and network and can advise them about any problems they may have.

This career can be challenging and rewarding. It’s ideal for those who enjoy a fast-paced environment and are interested in working with technology. It can be a stepping stone to a higher-level position such as a CIO or IT director.

Architecture Manager

Architectural managers are responsible for overseeing the planning and design of new buildings and renovations to existing structures. They work closely with other professionals to ensure that projects are completed to the best of their ability.

They may also be involved in the development of new concepts for future building designs. They must be able to communicate effectively with others and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

These jobs are in high demand. Employment of architectural and engineering managers is projected to grow at an average rate over the next decade, as the need for civil engineering services continues to increase due to the nation’s aging infrastructure.


Lawyers have one of the highest average salaries in the country. The median salary was $148,030 in 2021, but it can vary based on the city or area where you work and your experience level.

Some lawyers earn millions of dollars from their legal fees. These include trial lawyers who handle large-stakes litigation cases.

These lawyers often charge hourly fees or a percentage of the win. Especially in class-action lawsuits, they can earn tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars for their clients.

They might also have a business tie-in to their law practice, which can add millions to their total income. For example, a lawyer working for a fintech company might be offered shares in the business and make money from the increase in value of those shares.


The top job in most companies, a CEO is in charge of creating a strategy to help a business grow and meet its goals. Those in this position often have very high salaries.

Millionaires in this position are often able to make more money than those who work in other positions within the company because they have been able to see opportunities that others did not. They are also very good at taking risks.

Many people on the Forbes 400 list made their fortunes by starting their own business. In fact, more people today make their money from business than ever before.

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