What Does a Web Developer Do?

What does a web developer do

Web developers use a variety of programming languages to create websites that are appealing, functional and user-friendly.

Whether you are a current student, looking to expand your skills or considering a career change, learning more about what a web developer does can help you decide if this is the right path for you.


Designing a web site involves a lot of communication and brainstorming with clients. You should also make sure to set clear goals and create a content strategy for your website.

A good website is designed to achieve specific objectives, such as informing visitors about a product or encouraging them to purchase something. This ensures that every decision made in the design phase will align with your business’s end goals.

Visual balance is one of the most important principles of design, which means that none of your website elements are too overpowering. You can achieve this by drawing a line down the center of your web page and arranging its elements in a way that equals the visual weight on both sides.


Web developers take a designer’s wireframes, mockups and other visual assets and translate them into code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They also use a variety of other tools and software for managing content and implementing website functionality.

Front-end coding is responsible for how a website looks and functions on desktops, tablets and phones. This includes layout, design and interactivity.

Developers in this career must know how to use a variety of programming languages and frameworks to build websites that function smoothly on all devices. They also need to keep up with trends in web development and be familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

Web developers are in high demand and earn good salaries. They can freelance or work as internal employees within a company, and many work remotely.


Web testing is the process of ensuring that a web site functions properly. It involves several tests, including functionality testing, interface testing, and security testing.

Functionality testing checks whether the web application works correctly from start to finish. It also checks for bugs and errors.

Usability testing focuses on how easy it is for users to navigate through the website. It also tests how well the instructions provided to the user are clear and concise.

It includes testing for errors in HTML and CSS, as well as syntax errors. It also checks the consistency of page layouts across different browsers. It also makes sure that search engines can crawl through the website. It can also test for compliance with different standards and protocols.


Debugging is the process of testing and finding bugs in a program. It helps to improve system quality, reduce system downtime, increase user satisfaction, and decrease development costs.

In order to debug a program, it is essential to view the code in its running mode and analyze variable values. This allows the developer to understand flows and application logic.

A debugger is a software tool that allows the developer to stop the execution of the program, analyze variable values and execute the program in steps (line after line). This detailed view enables the developer to find errors within the program and fix them.

Using a debugger can be time-consuming and requires specialized skills. For this reason, many developers prefer to use an IDE that includes a built-in debugger.


Maintenance is the process of making sure that a website is up-to-date, running smoothly and is secure. It’s an essential part of any online business, and it helps ensure that your site is reaching its full potential.

A properly-maintained website will boost your website’s SEO and give it a better chance of converting visitors into leads or sales. Regular website maintenance will also help make your site easier to use and improve its overall performance.

Providing maintenance services is a great way to generate monthly recurring revenue (MRR) for your web development business. However, it’s important to understand how to do this effectively and efficiently.

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